What was the novel Tom Jones about?

The distinguished country gentleman Allworthy, who lives in Somersetshire with his unmarried sister Bridget Allworthy, arrives home from a trip to London to discover a baby boy in is bed. Allworthy undertakes to uncover the mother and father of this foundling, and finds local woman Jenny Jones and her tutor, Mr.

What is the significance of the title of novel Tom Jones?

The short title of this novel is Tom Jones, which is also the name of our hero. This title-equals-main-character’s-name equation was a big thing back when Fielding was writing.

How does Nightingale suggest that Tom rid himself of Lady bellaston?

Nightingale’s stories greatly reduce Tom’s gratitude to Lady Bellaston and he realizes that he has been in “commerce” with this lady rather than in “love.” Nightingale advises Jones that the easiest way for him to rid himself of Lady Bellaston is by proposing marriage.

Is Tom Jones is a moral or immoral character?

The article discusses the moral-scheme of Henry Fielding’s novel Tom Jones that has been labeled as corrupt and immoral by most of its contemporary critics. It analysis the reasons for being treated as such.

What is moral lesson in Tom Jones?

He believed human nature has capacity for good and evil and wanted to explore those contradictions. Further it is important to note that fielding was not advocating or defending any of the immoral behaviors of his characters, but merely presenting their actions as step on the road to greater wisdom.

Why Henry Fielding is called the father of English novel?

But none deserve to be called the father of English novel. It is Fielding who gave a definite form and proper shape to the English novel. He formulated the theory of novel writing. He made invaluable contributions to the development of plot construction and the art of characterisation.

What do you know about Sophia Western?

As a woman and obedient daughter, Sophia must allow herself to be acted upon, and even though she falls in love with Tom Jones before he falls in love with her, she cannot, in all decency, say anything. Similarly, Sophia puts up little resistance to her father’s violence toward her.

Which of the following is the reason for rise of novel?

Some of these reasons are as follows: Decline of Drama: After industrial revolution, there was mass urbanisation and people got too busy to read long dramas which was the first reason for the rise of novel. Rise of Middle Class: Due to rise in trade and commerce in 18th century, the middle class came into existence.

Who is the chamber maid at the Upton Inn?

Fitzpatrick arrives at the Upton Inn. He asks Susan the chambermaid whether there was any lady in the house. Susan tells him about Mrs. Waters and then conducts him to the lady’s bed chamber.

Who tries to abstract Nightingale’s marriage to Darcy?

Lady Catherine tries unsuccessfully to dissuade Elizabeth from marrying Darcy,because she is poorer than him but Elizabeth angrily retorts: “In marrying your nephew, I should not consider myself as quitting that sphere. He is a gentleman; I am a gentleman’s daughter: so far we are equal.”(Ch. 56).

Is Tom Jones easy to read?

Overall, Tom Jones is a great comic story that I recommend. It is lengthy but it is light read. It is straightforward and easier to understand than most English classics. Tom Jones, I must say, is a gem of a read.


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