When was Along Came a Spider written?

…the promotion of his novel Along Came a Spider (1993; film 2001) by taking the unusual step of creating and financing a television commercial for it.

Is Along Came a Spider true?

Compuserve’s Harvey Karten argued, “Some critics will tell you that despite Lee Tamahori’s overplotting of Marc Moss’s adaptation of James Patterson’s novel, Along Came a Spider is one of those thrillers that allow you to check your brains at the door. Not true.

Where was the film Along Came a Spider filmed?

Along Came a Spider was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

What happened to Megan in Along Came a Spider?

At that moment, the evil Flannigan kills Devine with a single shot to his head, after revealing that he’s the only one under suspicion. She later searched for Megan with the intent to kill her as well, but she is later caught and confronted by Cross, who shoots and kills her.

Is the movie Along Came a Spider based on a book?

If not for Morgan Freeman, “Along Came A Spider” would be quickly relegated to B-movie status at local video stores. Based on James Patterson’s novel by the same name, the film stars Freeman as detective-profiler Alex Cross of the District of Columbia police force.

Is Along Came a Spider clean?

Internally clean and bright.


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