When was the book front desk made?

Front Desk Hardcover – Illustrated, May 29, 2018. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

What time period is front desk set in?

Front Desk takes place in the early ’90s, but many of the heartbreaking stories mentioned in the book are still a reality for immigrants and minorities today.

What is the setting of from desk?

Calivista Motel in Anaheim, California. The majority of the action of the novel is set on the grounds of the Calivista Motel.

What is the plot of front desk?

Plot Summary – Although Mia’s parents are highly skilled professionals, they are forced to take menial jobs for pay that never allows them to rise above the poverty line. They have been reduced to living in their car when they receive a job offer to manage a motel in Anaheim that comes with free lodging for the family.

What is the main idea of front desk?

Front Desk illustrates the importance of following one’s dreams and never giving up regardless of how unreachable those dreams might seem. Mia’s parents move to America because they want Mia to live with more freedom and they imagine financial success.

What genre is front desk?


What awards did front desk win?

Kelly Yang is the author of Front Desk, which won the 2019 Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature and was chosen a Best Book of the Year by multiple publications, including NPR, the Washington Post, and the New York Public Library.

How many awards has Kelly Yang won?

Kelly Yang is an Asian American writer and author of young adult and children’s literature. She won the 2019 Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature and the 2018 Parents’ Choice Gold Medal for Fiction for her book Front Desk, a book based on her experiences as a 10-year-old working at her family’s motel business.

How many books did Kelly Yang write?

Who published front desk by Kelly Yang?

Front Desk is a middle grade book written by Kelly Yang and published by Scholastic in 2018. Yang’s debut book is about ten-year-old Mia Tang and her family who, after a couple years struggling financially, are hired to manage a motel.


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