Which Alex Rider book is the first?

‘Stormbreaker’ is written by Anthony Horowitz, the author of the Power of Five and many other books. The series is based on spies and MI6. It is the first book in the Alex Rider series.

What is book 2 in the Alex Rider series?

Point Blanc is the second book in the Alex Rider series, written by British author Anthony Horowitz. The book was released in the United Kingdom on September 3, 2001 and in North America on April 15, 2002, under the alternate title Point Blank. In 2003, the novel was listed on the BBC’s survey The Big Read.

Where is Point Blanc Alex Rider?

The scenes set in Point Blanc and surrounding mountain range in Alex Rider are actually filmed in Romania. The filming took place around the town of Sinaia in Prahova County, Romania, and is a popular destination for snowboarders and skiers located just east of the Becegi Mountains.

What is the 11 Alex Rider book?

Never Say Die is the 11th book in the Alex Rider series by British author Anthony Horowitz. The book was an unexpected release, as Horowitz stated that Russian Roulette was going to be the final Alex Rider book.

What happens in Alex Rider scorpia?

The fifth Alex Rider adventure sees the teenage spy in Venice, where he infiltrates Scorpia, an international organisation of assassins. Scorpia has devised a deadly weapon – the Invisible Sword – to exterminate thousands of children in London and bring about the downfall of the powerful West.

What is the 6 book of Alex Rider?

Ark Angel is the sixth book in the Alex Rider series written by British author Anthony Horowitz. The novel is a spy thriller which follows the attempt by the title character, Alex Rider, to foil the plot of a Russian billionaire.

How many Alex riders are there?

Alex Rider
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes16
Executive producersEve Gutierrez Jill Green Anthony Horowitz Guy Burt Paula Cuddy Nicole Finnan Wayne Garvie


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