Who is Dan Brown wife?

Who is Blythe Dan Brown?

During Brown’s 2006 plagiarism trial, Blythe was named a key researcher behind his The Da Vinci Code in court. The 69-year-old was also seen in cameo roles in several films alongside her husband. Dan Brown previously called his wife a “painter” and “art historian.” Blythe stayed with Dan until their divorce in 2019.

Why is Dan Brown divorced?

Dan Brown, author of the best selling thriller ‘The Da Vinci Code’ has settled a lawsuit with his ex-wife, after she sued him for leading a double life during their marriage and spending their money on four women he had affairs with – including her horse trainer.

Is Dan Brown his real name?

Daniel Gerhard Brown (born June 22, 1964) is an American author best known for his thriller novels, including the Robert Langdon novels Angels & Demons (2000), The Da Vinci Code (2003), The Lost Symbol (2009), Inferno (2013), and Origin (2017).

Who did Dan Brown plagiarize?

Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, is now one of those authors accused. Brown has a plagiarism lawsuit on his hands for copyright infringement brought on by fellow author Jack Dunn.

Who is the richest living author?

With a net worth of $1 billion, JK Rowling currently has the accolade of being the richest author in the world and is also the first author to ever achieve this level of financial success from their writing.


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