Who is the best author of thrillers?

Who is the master of thriller?

For fans of mystery and thriller novels, there is perhaps no bigger name than James Patterson. With over 147 books under his belt, Patterson is often considered the most prolific writer working in the field.

Who is the best psychological thriller director?

Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most accomplished psychological thriller filmmakers of all time, described the genre perfectly: “There is a distinct difference between ‘suspense’ and ‘surprise,’ and yet many pictures continually confuse the two.”

Is master a true story?

Many reports claimed that the film is inspired from the South Korean film Silenced, however writer Pon Parthiban stated that the film is a real-life story, based on a person he is familiar with.

Is Liv White in master?

Gail visits Liv’s mother who reveals that Liv is white and has been lying the whole time. This causes Gail to have an outburst where she declares she was never the master; she was the maid and was brought in to clean things up.

What school is master based on?

But in her film, it is a Black woman, faculty member Gail Bishop, who has achieved the honor — the first Black “master” at Ancaster College, an elite school in Salem, Massachusetts, home of course to the historic witch trials.


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