Who wrote Lady Audley’s Secret?

When was Lady Audley’s Secret written?

Cover of Lady Audley’s Secret
AuthorMary Elizabeth Braddon
GenreSensation novel
Published1862 (William Tinsley)

What are sensation stories?

The genre derived its name from the contemporary theater’s “sensation drama” noted for spectacular effects and displays of intense emotion. Sensation fiction drew on a variety of popular forms including melodrama, domestic realism, newspaper reports, Newgate novels, and gothic tales.

What is the plot of Lady Audley’s Secret?

When the young and enchanting Lucy Graham marries widower Sir Michael Audley, little is known of her past. Following the mysterious disappearance of his friend George Talboys, Sir Michael’s nephew Robert begins to investigate his step-aunt, uncovering her secret double life of intrigue, madness and murder.

Is Lady Audley’s Secret a melodrama?

Adapted from the 1862 novel of the same name, Lady Audley’s Secret is a classic example of Victorian melodrama.

What happens to Lady Audley?

Alicia has finally accepted Sir Towers’ proposal, Sir Michael has moved, and Audley Court is empty. Lady Audley died of illness in the Belgium asylum. Thus, the story ends with everyone at peace.


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