Who wrote the arrangement on Galatea?

The Arrangement by S. S. Sahoo is now available to read on the Galatea app! Read the first two chapters below, or download Galatea for the full experience. The app has received recognition from BBC, Forbes and The Guardian for being the hottest app for explosive new Romance novels.

What happens in the arrangement Galatea?

The Arrangement, one of Galatea’s most explosive stories, tells the story of a “love contract” between two people you’d never put together: a broke 23-year-old virgin, and NYC’s biggest playboy billionaire.

Is Millennium Wolves a movie?

The combination of lust and humor in The Millennium Wolves is a huge selling point—one that we can see working well on screen between a couple with great chemistry. And while the film is only a rumor right now, many fans have already cast their favorite actors in the lead roles.

How can I get Galatea points?

Three ways to earn points there would be to follow our TikTok, Instagram, and join our Facebook Group! Our Instagram also occasionally hosts giveaways, as well as announcing promo codes, so be sure to check it out outside of that initial follow! Another is to refer a friend to Galatea!

How do I publish on Galatea?

  1. Upload your work on Inkitt.
  2. Get as much reader engagement as you can. (
  3. Our unique algorithm analyzes all stories and will choose the book with the best and most engagement.
  4. Our highly professional GALATEA publishing team will reach out to you.
  5. You will get a publishing contract for your work.


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