Who wrote the book serpentine?

Is serpentine a true story?

The Serpent a real true serial killer story – It was created by Tom Shankland and Richard Warlow. The creators decided to frame the story around Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg, who spent years on the trail of Sobhraj and was key to his eventual arrest.

What happened to The Serpent in real life?

In 2003, he travelled to Nepal where, on the streets of Kathmandu, he was recognised and arrested for the murders of the two North American backpackers in 1975. He was tried and received a life sentence; he is still incarcerated there today.

What part of The Serpent is true?

As shown in The Serpent, the true story confirms that he was sent back to prison in 1973 after unsuccessfully trying to commit armed robbery at a jewelry store in Hotel Ashoka in New Delhi. He then faked appendicitis and escaped with Chantal’s help, but he was soon recaptured.

Why is Charles Sobhraj called The Serpent?

Cunning and manipulative, Sobhraj was an expert at deceiving strangers and evading the police across Europe and Asia, which earned him the nickname The Serpent. Sobhraj was also known as the Bikini Killer among media and police due to the clothes his victims — usually tourists on vacation — were often found wearing.

What happened to Charles Sobhraj brother?

His younger brother, André, joined him in Istanbul and the two of them went on a crime spree in Greece and Turkey. The brothers were arrested and imprisoned in Athens but Sobhraj managed to escape once more, leaving André to serve his sentence.

What happened to Juliette and Madhu in The Serpent?

In The Serpent, Juilette and Charles moved to India with their young daughter Madhu but unfortunately, their relationship fell apart after Charles disappeared for weeks and was arrested for robbing jewels from a luxury Indian hotel.

How was The Serpent caught?

Sobhraj evaded capture for so long that he became Interpol’s most-wanted man, and he was eventually caught in 1976, months after his killing spree began. At a party in New Delhi, Sobhraj attempted to drug 22 members of a French tour party. Some of the group managed to stay awake and alerted the authorities.

When was serpentine written?

To research Serpentine (1979), an account of convicted international serial killer Charles Sobhraj, Thompson flew around the world three times and spent two years in Asia. His other books include Lost!

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