Why is it called The Pale King?

The Pale King refers to the ability of someone to resist stimulation (to work through boredom). To not want to get lit up. “Pale” can be defined as “an enclosed space” or “limits, bounds”. So the Pale King refers to someone who is the king of limits.

Was The Pale King evil?

His Evil RankingOverthrows the Radiance in an attempt to create a kingdom that he can rule. He did not do anything similar to other ruling figures at the time and it is not explained why he did what he did to the Radiance and the Radiance only.

How much HP does soul master have?

Soul Master Hall of Gods text: “Immortal, I rule the Sanctum” “Covetous god of soul”
Health900 / 600 at Phase 2
Arena changesSame arena as the base game fight, no difficulty differences. Does not smash through the ground in mid-fight.

Did the hollow knight love the pale king?

However, the Hollow Knight wasn’t completely pure in the end. As he was raised and trained by the Pale King, the Hollow Knight began to love his father. The Hollow Knight wasn’t without mind, will, and voice anymore. This very idea of being bonded with the Pale King made him impure.

Is the hollow Knight The Pale King’s son?

Lore. The Knight is a discarded Vessel. They are the child of the Pale King and the White Lady, born in the Abyss with Void inside their shell.

Where is the pale kings throne?

The northern part of the White Palace is fairly linear and eventually leads to the throne room where the Pale King’s corpse is sitting on his throne.

Should I read The Pale King?

The Pale King is a work that, as expected, only further proves David Foster Wallace’s genius. Most of the time the unfinished novel (published posthumously after Wallace’s 2008 death) is a thrilling read, replete with the author’s humor, which is oftentimes bawdy and always bitingly smart.

Who was David Foster Wallace’s editor?

While working on the novel, Wallace shared his early drafts with his editor, Michael Pietsch. Pietsch read and reread the manuscripts diligently, offering astute advice that helped tighten and clarify the narrative.

Is ZOTE a Hollow Knight?

Zote the Mighty is an NPC in Hollow Knight.

Does the Pale King have wings?

1 – The elevators and their shafts depict a form of hallownest seal with only 3 spikes, as is present on the radiance. Additionally, it has wings, which seem to have no connection to the pale king at all. Some variants of the seal also depict a spike-like shape at the bottom, as if depicting the radiance’s legs.

Is the knight the shade Lord?

Also known as “Shade Lord” in the game’s files, Void given Focus is a colossal being of pure Void that the Knight transforms into upon completing the Pantheon of Hallownest. Referred to as “God of Gods” by Godseeker. The Knight transforms into this being upon defeating the Radiance in the Temple of the Black Egg.

Do you have to beat absolute radiance?

Absolute Radiance requires a Nail hit to finish the fight once she’s become stationary. Additional damage can be done with Spells but does not end the fight.

Is Hollow Knight a bug?

The Real Life Bugs of Hollow Knight

Where does ZOTE go after Deepnest?

Progression: Zote the Mighty moves to Dirtmouth after you save him, then moves to the City of Tears, then Deepnest (where you can rescue him again), then the Colosseum of Fools. He then he goes back to Dirtmouth and remains there reciting his 57 Precepts (which gives insight on his backstory).

What bug is the vessel Hollow Knight?

He’s isn’t “based” in Hungry Knight. His design was 100% ripped from Hungry Knight, even Team Cherry has already stated that they liked it so much, that they decided to use him in a totally new game (and thus, Hollow Knight was born). And by the way, his design is based on the real life stag beetle.

What to do after getting the Kingsoul?

Once you have the Kingsoul equipped, head to The Abyss and reach the bottom of the chasm. The ground will open up here only if you have the Kingsoul charm equipped. It leads to a new location known as the Birthplace.

Does the White Palace disappear?

After the Infection returned and Hallownest fell to ruin, the Pale King went into hiding. The White Palace vanished from its location in Ancient Basin, and it seems the Pale King somehow took the palace with him when he fled.


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