Why is Tangerine a good book?

The main characters are relatable and I found myself loving the characters as I read the book. Tangerine is dramatic and exciting, two very popular things in books all over the world in every genre. Tangerine by Edward Bloor is a very good book that has been nominated for an Edgar Award for Best Young Adult.

What is the message in Tangerine?

A central theme of the book Tangerine is that keeping the truth a secret is damaging.

What is the main conflict in Tangerine?

The book Tangerine is a novel written by Edward Bloor, the main conflict in this story is about a main character, a kid named Paul, is coming to an understanding of his dark past.

What is the mood of the story Tangerine?

Mood. Tangerine is written in a positive mood. It is the journal of a young man who is ready for what life has to offer. He is good at “rolling with the punches.”

What are examples of foreshadowing in Tangerine?

When Arthur and Erik are with Mr. Donnelly they smell like bug spray. This foreshadows that Arthur and Erik could have been the ones robbing the houses, and that’s why they smell so badly of bug spray.

What age group is the book Tangerine for?

Interest LevelReading LevelWord Count
Grades 4 – 8Grades 3 – 590090

What is a good theme for Tangerine?

The theme of loyalty in the book Tangerine is that loyalty brings success. This is shown through the War Eagles in the book. They are loyal to each other on and off the field.

What was the inspiration for the book Tangerine?

The destruction of the citrus groves all around me was the inspiration for Tangerine, my first young adult novel. That story is about both the people who are moving out and the people who are moving in.

Why did Joey quit the soccer team in Tangerine?

Joey gets mad at Paul for putting him in the same group as Tino, and when Paul explains that it’ll help him make friends with more soccer team members, Joey tells him that he quit the team. Paul can’t believe it, but Joey goes on to say he doesn’t want to play soccer at all anymore. He’s going to switch to football.

What inspired Edward Bloor to become an author?

As Bloor once commented: “My teaching job led to a job in educational publishing, where I was actually required to sit and read young adult novels all day long. So I decided to try it myself.” Born in 1950, Bloor was raised in Trenton, New Jersey, and recalled that, during his childhood, soccer reigned supreme.


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