Why is the book called Salvage the Bones?

Within the novel, Ward uses the title, Salvage the Bones, as a metaphor for how the characters scavenge from their past to better or protect their future. The first of these metaphorical representations is shown through China, the dog of Esch’s brother, Skeetah.

Why is Salvage the Bones called Salvage the Bones?

How did you come up with the title Salvage the Bones? The word salvage is phonetically close to savage. At home, among the young, there is honor in that term. It says that come hell or high water, Katrina or oil spill, hunger or heat, you are strong, you are fierce, and you possess hope.

What happened to the mom in Salvage the Bones?

The family’s mother had died 7 years before during child birth. Along with the family are friends Manny, Marquise and Big Henry, as well as others. A lot happens during the 12 days, but interspersed throughout the first 11 days are preparations for the hurricane.

What is motherhood in Salvage the Bones?

Jesmyn Ward uses China in ‘Salvage the Bones’ to mother her puppies and her mother’s Esch’s flashbacks to show how Esch grows and defines Motherhood. Esch’s cynical about Motherhood at the beginning of the story because she’s so paranoid that she can’t call a child what’s inside her.

What happens at the end of Salvage the Bones?

Esch and Skeetah try to climb over to the house first and open a window, but Esch falls into the rushing water with the puppies; two wash away, and though she saves one by tucking it into her shirt, it dies.

What is Esch last name in Salvage the Bones?

Esch Batiste, is a 15-year old African-American girl living in the coastal area of Bois Sauvage, Mississippi, with her father and three brothers. Her mother died after giving birth to the youngest child called Junior.



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