Why is the book called Thorn Birds?

The book’s title refers to the mythical “thornbird” that searches for thorn trees from the day it is hatched.

What is the thorn bird about?

Spanning more than five decades and three generations, Colleen McCullough’s best-selling novel, “The Thorn Birds”, pivots around the lifelong love between the ambitious Catholic priest, Father Ralph de Bricassart, and Meggie Cleary, the beautiful niece of a vast sheep station owner in the arid 1920s Australian Outback.

Does The Thorn Birds have a happy ending?

The movie ends in late December 1962 as Justine and Rain fly off to begin their lives together. Meggie goes to check on Ralph in the rose garden. The two are finally reunited when Ralph realizes all he has sacrificed, how much Meggie has had to endure because of him. She forgives him just before he dies in her arms.

Is The Thorn Birds worth reading?

A highly emotional book, “The Thorn Birds” is the best work of this century. It is worth reading to anyone who enjoys drama and romance, as well as suspense, action, and sadness! The movie based on the novel starring Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward is an excellent interpretation.

How old is Father Ralph in The Thorn Birds?

I am not troubled by the age difference between Meggie and Ralph.At the beginning Ralph is 27 years old and Meggie is 9 years old,but later when Meggie grows up they are only 18years old.. it’s not a century!

What inspired The Thorn Birds?

Ms. McCullough said that she wrote an early draft of “The Thorn Birds,” her second book, in six weeks while holding down her position at Yale. The title, she said, came from a Celtic legend about a bird that impales itself on a thorn tree “and in its dying agony sings out beautifully.”

Is Thorn Birds a classic?

First published in 1977, the novel became an instant classic, selling more than 30 million copies worldwide and inspiring one of the most-watched television miniseries of all time. The historical epic follows three generations living on a sheep ranch.

When was The Thorn Birds written?

Published in 1977 by Harper & Row, “The Thorn Birds” is set against the sweeping panorama of the author’s native land and was described often in the American news media as an Australian “Gone With the Wind.” Spanning much of the 20th century, it centers on Meggie, the beautiful wife of a loutish rancher, and her

Who is the author of The Thorn Birds?

Is Matlock Island real?

Matlock is a town in Victoria, Australia on the Warburton–Woods Point Road, in the Shire of Mansfield. Tanpanmirri Island is an island in Western Australia.


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