Why the books name is The Alchemist?

The novel is called The Alchemist because Santiago learns how to turn the base or basic elements of his nature into something precious. He discovers his personal legend and is able to follow the signs of God. Like him, we can all become alchemists and turn our lives into precious gifts.

What is the book called The Alchemist?

Original Brazilian publication (publ. Rocco)
AuthorPaulo Coelho
Publication date1988
Published in English1993

What is the moral of Alchemist?

1. The most simple things in life are the most extraordinary. 2. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

Why did Coelho used the title The Alchemist?

In fact, we think that Coelho is messing with us a little bit, and calling Santiago the alchemist in the title. It’s a way of showing us that anyone can reach their Personal Legend, even a little shepherd boy—and maybe even an intrepid Shmooper.

What is the irony in The Alchemist?

More irony: The gold that the alchemist created from lead is precisely what causes the thieves to believe that Santiago is digging for more treasure, and to beat him. For Santiago, and for the reader, this is an unexpected, negative consequence of the alchemist’s wisdom and power.

What does the snake symbolize in The Alchemist?

The Ouroboros, the serpent which devours its own tail, is the most ancient symbol of alchemy. It is also called the “paradoxical serpent” and represents the circular process of the alchemist’s work.

What is the guy’s name in The Alchemist?

Santiago. An adventurous young Andalusian shepherd determined to fulfill his Personal Legend, which is to find a treasure at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids. He is the book’s protagonist.

How does the Philosopher’s Stone relate to The Alchemist?

philosopher’s stone, in Western alchemy, an unknown substance, also called “the tincture” or “the powder,” sought by alchemists for its supposed ability to transform base metals into precious ones, especially gold and silver. Alchemists also believed that an elixir of life could be derived from it.


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