Will there be a Mistborn era 4?

Era 4: Third Mistborn TrilogyEdit – Hoid will be a main character in this trilogy. The Sleepless, or Dysian Aimians, will also have a major role in this trilogy. There may be two more currently untitled cosmere series written before this trilogy. He plans for each Era 4 book to be around the length of a Stormlight book.

How many Mistborn eras will there be?

After some confusion, Sanderson decided to refer to the overall series in terms of four eras, with Era 1 being the original trilogy, Era 2 being the four books starting with The Alloy of Law, and Eras 3 and 4 being the other originally planned trilogies.

What will Mistborn era 3 be about?

Era 3: Second Mistborn TrilogyEdit – The second trilogy will be set in the early computer age with 1980s technology. The main character is planned as a Terris woman who is a computer programmer and Nicroburst; her brother is also planned to be a character.

Who is Hoid in Elantris?

In Elantris, Hoid appears as a beggar whom Sarene trusts to bring weapons into New Elantris, but one who will only meet with her at night. Still, she knows that he and his men know where to deliver the boxes she gives them to deploy.

Who is Rayse Stormlight?

Rayse was the Shardholder of the Shard of Adonalsium, Odium, who was – for a time – one of the three Shards located on Roshar. At some point in the past, Rayse made a pact with Cephandrius (Hoid) which (presumptuously) prohibited the god from inflicting upon Cephandrius any type of pain.

Is Hoid in the Final Empire?

“The Final Empire” – Hoid was first seen by Kelsier while imitating a Mistborn nobleman.

Is Nightblood a Shardblade?

Nightblood is a powerful, sentient sword and Shardblade originally from Nalthis. It was created by Shashara with assistance from Vasher.

Who is odium?

Odium is one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium. He was originally held by Rayse and was – for a time – one of the three Shards located on Roshar. Odium is now trapped on Braize and has nine magic systems (i.e., Voidbindings). Odium’s name is first spoken in a vision had by Kaladin.

Who is slowswift?

Slowswift is a noble storyteller from Fadrex City on Scadrial. He is a friend of Ashweather Cett and assists Vin on several occasions.

How many Dawnshards are there?

According to Brandon, there are only four Dawnshards.

Will there be a sequel to Warbreaker?




W&W 4 (Mistborn #7) is 2/3 Done!

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