Will there be any more Scarpetta books?

Patricia Cornwell is bringing back Dr Kay Scarpetta for Autopsy, the 25th book in her bestselling series, for HarperCollins. HarperCollins acquired world rights and will publish the book in England across the globe, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, in autumn 2021.

Is Patricia Cornwell working on a new book?

Patricia Cornwell moves back to Little, Brown for 26th Scarpetta novel. Patricia Cornwell is moving from HarperCollins to Little, Brown with her new Kay Scarpetta thriller Livid, which will be published in October 2022.

Who is Patricia Cornwell’s agent?

Her agent is Jeremy Barber, partner at the United Talent Agency.

Which Patricia Cornwell book comes after chaos?

Postmortem(1990)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Dust(2013)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Flesh and Blood(2014)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Depraved Heart(2015)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Chaos(2016)Hardcover Paperback Kindle

How many Kay Scarpetta novels are there?

There 22 novels in the Scarpetta series that revolves around a medical examiner who solves puzzling crimes. Rather than adapting one book in the novel, all Scarpetta Series will feature in the movie.

What happened in chaos by Patricia Cornwell?

In the quiet of twilight, on an early autumn day, twenty-six-year-old Elisa Vandersteel is killed while riding her bicycle along the Charles River. It appears she was struck by lightning except the weather is perfectly clear with not a cloud in sight.

Who is Benton Wesley?

Benton Wesley – Benton is an FBI profiler.

Do you have to read Patricia Cornwell books in order?

The best way to start with Patricia Cornwell is by reading the Patricia Cornwell books in order.

What is the last book Patricia Cornwell wrote?

First edition
AuthorPatricia Cornwell
SeriesKay Scarpetta
GenreCrime fiction
PublisherG. P. Putnam’s Sons

What order are the Kay Scarpetta books?

Where is Patricia Cornwell from?

Miami, FL

How old is Patricia Cornwell?

66 years (June 9, 1956)

What does Scarpetta mean?

Scarpetta means “little shoe” in Italian.

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