Will there be anymore Dark Tower books?

Stephen King explains he’ll never truly be done with ‘The Dark Tower,’ teases new Holly Gibney novel. On a new episode of The Kingcast, the horror master explained his relationship to his magnum opus.

Are The Dark Tower books finished?

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower. The Dark Tower is a fantasy novel by American writer Stephen King. It is the seventh and final book in his Dark Tower series. It was published by Grant on September 21, 2004 (King’s birthday), and illustrated by Michael Whelan.

Why was The Dark Tower canceled?

According to a Deadline report from earlier this year, Amazon decided to pass on The Dark Tower because executives didn’t feel it was on the same level as the planned Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time series.

Why does Roland seek The Dark Tower?

In the first novel, The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, Roland’s original desire is simply to climb to the Dark Tower’s top to question whatever god dwells there, but ka has greater plans for him.

Is The Dark Tower movie based on all the books?

Unlike more traditional adaptations, The Dark Tower movie is not a retelling of one of the original books, but an expansion. The Dark Tower movie features aspects from the entire series, keeping some, abandoning others, and tweaking even more. But the one thing that is constant is the hero, gunslinger Roland Deschain.


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